Changing Neighborhood

From my point of view I heard and saw part of the first casualty. I didn't dare go out and take a picture as it happened. WHY NOT!! you ask? because I felt sorry for the boy and didn't want to add insult to injury. Then come to find out from Mike the poor boy that the truck belonged to had just gotten it about two weeks before.

WELL! as Paul Harvey says here is the rest of the story as I know of it. The boys had a heavy rope tied to the truck and what is left of the Live Oak tree in the picture above. As he was starting to pull the rope a little tight, unknown to him it was starting to slip. One of the boys tried to motion for him to STOP but he thought he meant GO so he goosed it. As I heard the truck sound like it was straining I got up to go to the door. Part way to the door I heard an AWFUL THUD as I got to the door the truck had stopped and there lay the rope clear up under the truck. It had slipped off of the tree and recoiled like a bungee cord right into the tail gate of the truck. The boy's all came out looking at the damage to the truck. They finished pulling the tree with the red tractor instead of the truck.

The power co. installed the line and Mike was trying to clean up.

February 1, 2006 The past couple of days have been quite active with the drywall and fiberglass insulation coming to finish off the inside, along with the phone company coming today out to install the hook up to the house. They started the new roof yesterday which they have been going hard at.

This was the day the cable co. came to lay in the line to the house.

This poor guy had his hands full today with having to try and do his job of applying stucco plus take care of two of his children because of no day care in Carrabelle area.

The house is well on it's way to being finished. The fog rolled in fast and thick on this day you couldn't even see the beach. A few days later more trim work had been done and she is about ready for her trim to be painted white to set her off right.