Changing Neighborhood

Things took a bit of a rest for a while but are moving along as I speak. The guys have laid the form for the driveway and the gravel was delivered and spread out. Also a form for the deck in the back was made and the concrete was delivered and poured.

The home next door had been bought and was to be moved out carport, trailer and side addition is to go also. From my view of it they had a HOT & HARD day of it mostly from trying to fit it out past the side room and a tree.

Now it was time to move the add on room and what a time these guy's had. Thinking all was well and ready to go and about the time the truck started to move the right front wheel dropped into a hole. After some jacking it up and winching to a stump out in front of them with a heavy rope the thought they were on their way. All of this was going on on one of the hottest days we have had so far. The guy's were wringing wet from the heat.

WELL! Not quite, it slipped into the hole again but this time with the help of  a long board that one of the guy's wedged in under the tire and it pulled right up and out of the hole.

BUT! as bad luck would have it the tire on the trailer got hung up on against a  stump and here they went again. I didn't see how they did it but I would assume they would have jacked up the trailer and put boards under the tire so it could have slipped on over the top of the stump. All ended well with their hard work and effort and away they went up the street with the room in tow.

mikega84.jpg (306929 bytes)

OK! now it's done and the water well has it's own little house now.