Hodgesville School Days

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The school is on the top left side of the picture on the right hand side of the road up on the bank.

We would appreciate it if anyone out there could verify the names an identify any of those in this picture. 

The school was arrange. Grades 1 - 3 taught by Mamie Wagner, grades 4 -6 taught by Lucille Post, and grades 7 - 8 were taught by the principal Bright Gum. Yes, that was his real name.

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Photo 1. Row 1. James Wagoner; Rebecca (Becky) Karickhoff half sister to Mike Rexroad; Clyde Lantz; Aneita Cogar; Roger Queen; Loretta Squires; Gary Evans; Sue Ware; Roger Riffle; Row 2. Wilma Nitz; Dale Stone; Linda K.-?-; Basil Queen; Wayne Arnold; Cheryl Lanham; Larry Petty; Ruth Garrett: Row 3. Jerry Rice; Gloria Powers; Larry Garrett; Margaret Canter; Ricky Keller; Barbara Riffle; Jimmy Norman; Sharon Dowell; James Adams; Row 4. Eric Sudar; Larry Lantz; Ethel Crouse; Gerald Rohr; Ramona Norman; Lynn Bumgardner; Paul Dalton; Martha Crouse.

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Photo 2. Row 1. The teacher, Miss Mamie Wagner; Larry Lantz; Linda K.-?-; Gloria Powers; Gary Evans; Margaret Canter; Roger Queen; Row 2. Clyde Lantz; Sharon Queen; Paul Dalton; Wanda Sharp; James Adams; Cheryl Lanham; Row 3. Unknown; Steve -?-; Aneita Cogar; Gerald Rohr; Lanham -?-; Unknown; Betty White; Unknown-; Row 4. Doris Sharp; Dale Stone; Ethel Crouse; William Wagner; Wayne Arnold; Lynn Bumgardner.

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Top row: Roger Queen, Janeen Bumgardner, Roger Riffle, Donna Simons, Larry Lantz. Row 2: Ethel Crouse, Gary Evans, Karen Cougar, Gerald Rohr, Bright Gum, Eric Sudar, Gloria Powers, Unknown, Unknown. Row 3: Danny Lantz, Unknown, Barbara Riffle, James Knicely. Row 4: Unknown, Unknown, Sue Norman, Unknown, Bobby Queen, Unknown, Nancy Bumgardner, Roger Canter, Nancy Riffle. Row 5: Roger Wright, Mike Rexroad, Unknown, Unknown, Sammy Lantz, Lynn Harris, Benny Post. This photo sent by Sammy (Sam) Lantz.


Back the first of the year 2010 I got a surprise e-mail just out of the blue. It was a 3rd cousin from back in our early school days, How cool is that! Below is his introductory e-mail to me.

 Sent: Sunday, January 03, 2010 12:08 AM Subject: Website gloryway

Dear Mrs. Husk:

I doubt you remember me but my brother Larry Lantz was in the same Mamie Wagner class with you in 1953.  My name is Sammy or Sam Lantz.  I was a couple of classes ahead of you.  Larry, Dan, Clyde and me were raised in Hodgesville.  I went to Hodgesville grade school through the 8th grade. Mamie Wagner was my 1-2 grade teacher, Lucile Post was my 3,4,&5 grade teacher, and Bright Gum and Darius Craven was my 6, 7, & 8th grade teacher. After I saw your 2nd grade class picture I remembered you.  It has been 50 years now.

My wife and I live near Waynesboro, Virginia.  We have two daughters and five grand children.  It gave me a tremendous amount of pleasure to see the class pictures and the pictures taken by Mike Rexroad.  Mike and I were in the same class.  I lost track of him after high school. I came across you site by accident.  It was a pleasure to see the 1965 picture of Hodgesville that Mike took.

I thought that I would drop you a line and thank you for putting the info on the net.  I do a lot of genealogy research on my family tree and continuously look for information and old pictures on the web.

I would appreciate it if you would drop me a line.  We may be able to share some old memories of the Hodgesville days.

Best regards, Sam Lantz

Needless to say I got back in touch right away and a few e-mail's later I was sent a few pictures. I had filed them away but now 8 months later they crossed my mind. So I thought I would ask Sam if it would be OK! to add them to this page. 

Sent: Fri, August 13, 2010 6:59:11 AM
Sam I forgot to ask you if it's OK to add the pictures of Hodgesville and the two of all of you boys when you we were little and in school to my Hodgesville School Page, Didn't want to do it without asking first and add giving you the credit for there addition to it. Gloria

Sent: Friday, August 13, 2010 6:01 PM
Hi Gloria: I took all of the Hodgesville pictures except the B&W one.  

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The others that have us as kids were also family pictures.  The first picture is of me and Larry.  The second shows (left to right), Clyde, Larry, me, Dan, and Leonard Lantz. You can use any or all of them.  Sam

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I want to THANK Sam for passing these on to me and giving me the OK! to add them.

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These were some school pictures pigtails and all as an old school mate reminded me once " You know I went to Hodgesville Grade school with a freckle faced, pig-tailed girl named Gloria Jean Powers.  You wouldn't by any chance be that same person would you?" "Yep! that was me" I told him. The school mate was Mike Rexroad who supplied the Beautiful West Virginia photos.

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All done up for the Easter Parade at age 15.

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Top age 9; Bottom age 17 and  25.